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Inter-active digital montage projects

'Over to You'

edit by Laurence Bufo

How To Play:

A game for two or more players. An image is passed from one player to the next. Players make alterations to the image, then reload it. The game ends when the image is complete.

* Download the latest/current picture:

* Use Gimp ( or other means to transform, add-to, and warp the image

* Give your image a new name and include your credits

* Upload your new version here by creating a new page (You will need to register/log in to do this)

* Or send your file to:

* You can also start your own game here…

Revamped images will be displayed on this site (unless inappropriate)

This image size: 800×600 pixels

Please only use your own drawings, photos, artwork, scanned objects, etc.

Positive focus - Ferrel visions

Reality is over… The future: We make up

Our genius, links and all other creative, constructive input… most welcome here!

Finished Works

Patrick Amber

See more at:

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