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black_dogs_case_study:start: 20 Hits
ete, rewrite or add to the piece. This means that over time, the piece itself should become a collaborat... p?/project/participants/). The group has produced over 15 projects in the past six years, utilising dive... vative. How far this will continue to be possible over time requires further analysis, which I will unde... key risks to the creativity of teams as they grow over time. I suggest that to overcome both of these ch
pretentious:pretentious: 7 Hits
Like a rabbit on Viagra we just keep fucking you over and over and over and… Middle class life may be ... when everybody knows that Jonesy is a fucked up, over stressed, Prozac popping divorcee with a cripplin... It would detail something to do for every weekend over the summer. Something amazing for every Friday, ... deal from. But we have all the privileges to get over our addiction, tough shit if you don’t, this bein
games_group:diplomacy: 6 Hits
lared a national holiday in Italy as children all over the country gorged themselves on figrolls. //Il D... ive noun for bears?) will find happiness bounding over the arid plains of Scotland. === Orders === Eng... e world of his wish for open source tanks to roll over France. "On behalf of the German nation I apolog... German expansionism, but the English have tripped over their own feet and doomed Belgium freedom." Meanw
script:santa: 3 Hits
ding out the charges right now so i'll just cross over... //(looks for the right button & presses)// <d... r:** oops... **Liberal:** The police will be all over us! **Gash:** infiltrator **Floater:** bash him... . ===== Scene 7: Newsroom ===== **Blinger:** //(over the phone)// These anti-capitalists don't know fu
stretch:start: 3 Hits
would be easier to get going and add features too over time and be less demanding whilst running on mor... - I got feed up of telling people the same story over and over again and thought I should blog it just
richard_bakewell:richard_bakewell: 3 Hits
ater tank from where there was a magnificent view over the Ribble Valley and across to the Forest of Bow... al purposes. Humankind`s mastery of the landscape over the centuries, as can be seen depicted in art, ha... lling livestock prices, due to lack of demand and over-production, has forced many Derbyshire farmers to
saturday_recovery:step-by-step_guide: 3 Hits
chair pads: ====== First pull the fabric covers over the pads. Try to match up the seams as closely as... c to size using the pattern piece and then lay it over the underside of the base. Staple in place using ... ers are neat. Now take the long side and fold it over the back of the chair (the bit that hasn't been c
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filmgroup:user-content_website_review_for_film-makers: 2 Hits
censorship. Some videos are marked as being for over 18's only. There is a "family filter": when this is on, none of the over 18 videos will show up on the website. By default, this is on. ** [[http:
outbox:start: 2 Hits
====== Inter-active digital montage projects **'Over to You'** {{:outbox:st_catherines_72.jpg|}} {{:... etc. Positive focus - Ferrel visions Reality is over... The future: We make up Our genius, links and
pixeldust:start: 2 Hits
atives and prints which family members have taken over the years. They are battered, badly exposed, fad... hink are //really// useless. They are stored all over the place. The software to sort all this stuff i
meta_portfolio: 2 Hits
awful'. Other words are subject to meaning drift over time. This is seen in comparing the meaning of s... nsciously when seen for a brief interval or heard over a noisy background. Our own name, words with sex
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