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ks such as Leeds Visual Arts Forum to access more people who'd engaged with Black Dogs projects. Ideally, ... te and act as a further reflection of how engaged people are with Black Dogs as a collaborative project. ... the public information about Black Dogs and allow people with an existing interest in collaborative projec... his early stage, the group had an interest in how people use their time (which links to anti-capitalist id
pretentious:pretentious: 15 Hits
n a clever distraction; a sleight of hand to keep people passive while their lives are stolen from them in... p humanity in a permanent state of boredom. Bored people keep buying things in the hope that, this time, t... y will finally feel satisfied. And low-paid bored people keep borrowing money so that they can have a new ... rd enough for it. Of course nobody lives like the people on TV. Why would you want to keep up with the Jon
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running on more screens increasing the chances of people seeing it. Scripts could be written in many langu... DPA compliant structures that let individuals and people working with them maximise the amount of time, sp... es) of everything that is going on written by the people who are involved. And this should be accessible ... oluntary and advising jobs and conversations with people that work with street drinkers etc. but its also
games_group:diplomacy: 8 Hits
apologise for the delay in liberating the French people," the kaiser announced while visiting Rotherham. ... ralissimo Steve expressed the wish of the Italian people to take control of the fig-roll factories of Trie... mstance of such danger. We are delighted that the people of Holland have chosen to join a united German pr... his forces were entirely defensive, and that the people of Serbia concurred. "The people of the Adriatic
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n Warped Wednesdays help is available all day for people working with digital images, from 11am-7pm, using... mage Manipulation Program ([[]]). People of all levels of skill are welcome - from complet... roup|{{ifgroup_logo.png?150 |IF Group}}]] Several people at Access Space are already interactive fiction a... [[cool:coolnotes|Cool Festival Notes]] ==== Film People Sheffield ==== [[filmgroup:fgintro|{{fps.gif|}}]
minutes_200804: 8 Hits
uccessful. * It encourages a wider user base as people who wouldn't usually come in, will come in. ====... ative workshops that are particularly targeted at people with Asperger's, who represent around 15%-20% of ... out ideas. //James to sort trial diary room. (If people time/resources allow! Help needed!)// ===== 6. E... ls in the Rutland. * Socials in Access Space so people who don't drink/ like pubs can come too. * A me
operational_art: 6 Hits
uths universally acknowledged'. This is why some people think that the mind is this Yes No Left Right Goo... roken line appear to represent opposites and some people think that they can be determined with the toss o... of State? === 17 When the Master governs, the people are hardly aware that he exists. Next best is a... is one who is despised. If you don't trust the people, you make them untrustworthy. The Master doesn
if:interactive_fiction_group: 6 Hits
active Fiction Group}} //At Access Space several people have expressed an interest in interactive fiction... binaries as a CGI script on a web server, so that people could play our IFs through a web interface. There... bout making a game where you try to sell stuff to people by phone, or try to get telesales people to stop ... ions. Can you escape from your room and meet real people rather than patronising carers? * **Deathtrap D
script:santa: 5 Hits
al:** cruelty to animals is worse than cruelty to people ‘cos animals cant stand up for themselves. <del>... eral</del>Pagan:** A Tsarist slaughter of turkish people. <del>i hear they want more of em in the Eu</del... now about that. **Liberal:** stick to the agenda people please - can we keep religion out of this? **Flo... or his part in the subjugation of the Palestinian people **Liberal:** many of whom r Christian! kill Sant
filmgroup:fgintro: 5 Hits
ilmgroup:fps.gif|F P S / Frames Per Second / Film People Sheffield}} ** FPS ** are a loose collection of people who want to experiment with the moving image, in all its various forms. It's very hard to ma... ment and expertise. Through **FPS** you can meet people with the appropriate skills and equipment. We wi... f the group, talk about them, and talk about what people want from **FPS**. Also - WE WANT TO SHOW YOUR F
soundbox:soundbox: 5 Hits
*Happy Listening!** ===== Lastfm ===== Recently people have started using Lastfm as a very easy way to g... y and slightly smaller (but not much) and (2) the people who make mp3 player software need to pay a licenc... == Making a Playlist ===== Because you and other people are going to be connecting to Soundbox remotely, ... you must. If your playlist is a compilation, tell people something about it: eg ''blippy_electropop'' or '
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