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Images from 'A second History'

Original Edited version

Propaganda uses of photo manipulation

Propaganda and photo manipulation

Historic photo manipulation and montage for propaganda purposes are well documented. Zhang Dali has used examples from China in his work.

See for a blog on Zhang Dali's work, A Second History which reveals Mao's use of photo manipulation to rewrite history.

Photoshopping 1

The 'air brushed' complexion, erased wrinkles, Barbie stretched proportions are hackneyed now - consciously recognised as examples of 'Photoshopping' but human brains are programmed to respond to hyper stimulus as parent birds respond to the bright yellow gapes of their nestlings. The images are desirable, asperational.

See Charlie Tizard’s blog ‘Pixels and shit’

Photoshopping 2

Install the software. Click the icon. Drag the cursor. Apply a filter. Instant 'Digital Art'.

It is easy to play but I would like to have enough mastery to feel that the results of playing with a photo manipulation program reflected my 'inner vision' not just randomly applied digital effects.

Photoshopping 3

I'm better at playing than working. Probably the only work worth doing is play.

I would not like to produce the perfect plastic images of commercial art - because slick isn't my style, but I would like to know how to achieve images I can see in my head.

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