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black_dogs_case_study:start: 3 Hits
e/) ===== HOW DO CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION TAKE PLACE IN BLACK DOGS? ===== Berkun asserts that 'Ideas... l network. This positioning has provided an ideal place from which to produce work that critically engage... ch we are hoping to flesh out in a project taking place over the next three months.. "Black Dogs is an
shellstuff:shellstuff: 2 Hits
select the text, and then //middle click// in the place you want it pasted. A command is simple a senten... in the days of the GUI, however there is still a place for the command line in many every day tasks (inc
20x20_2009:20x20_2009: 1 Hits
is just emerged from the mood and the name of the place.// | | 17. | Natasha Withington | Self Portrait |
pyramid_games: 1 Hits
erupt volcanoes and move various caps around the place. The aim of the game is to 'erode' a mountain, an
if:source: 1 Hits
ars so I'm used to it. Thank God they knocked the place down. A door leads west and an elevator leads up.
pretentious:pretentious: 1 Hits
es by a mega-machine that offers entertainment in place of existence’. Movie goers nodded in agreement a
osembroidery:oseintro: 1 Hits
ing of the Open Source Embroidery Exhibition took place on Friday, 7th September 2007 at Access Space. Do
operational_art: 1 Hits
is a point of view. You are either in the right place (at the right time) or you're out. No. Of cours
chess:benoni: 1 Hits
games_group:diplomacy: 1 Hits
hat the Italian fleet was making the Ionian sea a place safe for all civilised nations. Foreign Minister
pixeldust:start: 1 Hits
//really// useless. They are stored all over the place. The software to sort all this stuff is good. I
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