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p ===== The Championship will be based on an all-play-all system. The top two players will fight it out... ame in brackets is the username. Please play your matches (all play all once) on ==... Ben Hamilton^**Total Points**^ ^Joe Donally^ | to play| to play |to play | 0 |to play | 1 | to play |to play | 1 | ^Martyn Eggleton| to play ^ | to play |to play | to play |to play | to play| to play |to
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lso called __mewtwo__.) You can connect to it and play whatever tracks are available on it. However, you... ' or ''.ogg'' files, you're ready to go. * To play all the ones in the current directory in order, j... ayer *.mp3'' (or ''mplayer *.ogg'' if you want to play oggs). * If you want them in random order, tr... ea to make your playlist as simple as possible to play from the command line. Therefore... - Put your
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up meets in Access Space most Tuesday evenings to play games. But we don't play computer games!* Current... lace]] - feel free to mess around! * **Please, play nice!** We know we don't really need to say this
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|}} Every Tuesday at 7pm, we gather together to play a variety of games, //none of which are conveyed ... week we make one move in [[Diplomacy]]. Often we play [[Werewolf]] as a warm-up. A very excellent night... ion. We also talk of other interesting games, and play some of them on occasions, too. * [[chess|Ches
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Space has an online chess group at We play correspondence style chess matches against other ... Players of all levels are invited to join us and play in matches. ===== Chess Saturdays ===== {{:game
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ridged it. They also added a great amount of word-play based humour and references to D&D stories and ot... our of their own. It's also very easy to learn to play, as every rule for each card is given on the card
games_group:chessintro: 2 Hits
ny Kinds of Chess ===== As well as chess we also play Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) and are interested in che... iki/Xiangqi]] - rules and history * [[]] - play online against humans here
games_group:interesting_game: 2 Hits
ect. <sub>This game is amazingly easy and fun to play, and mind-expanding drugs are entirely optional.<... ffect can be adapted to rule-expanding variants. Play starts with a minimum number of special cards. th
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a filter. Instant 'Digital Art'. It is easy to play but I would like to have enough mastery to feel t... rking. Probably the only work worth doing //is// play. I would not like to produce the perfect plastic
games_group:werewolf: 2 Hits
powers to make the game even more interesting to play, but all participate in the voting at the end of ... e death potion. S/he may use either one whensoever they wish, at the appropriate time in the play cycle.
chess:22.12.20063: 2 Hits
King's pawn position which usually leads to open play. <chessdiagram> r-bqkbnr pppp-ppp --n----- ----p... pawn opening - the position arising leads to open play with some tactical motifs. <chessdiagram> r-bqkb
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====== Diplomacy ====== Play JF Kennedy's favourite game with the Access Space Games Group! * **Tech
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