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shellstuff:shellstuff: 5 Hits
igital photos, as many people do, and you want to put them online. If you have a camera full of photos ... hen echo "That's quite a few, perhaps you should put them into subdirectories, so that they are easier... e off somewhere, and you can't remember where you put it, or you just want to, for instance, find all t... racter like this: ''ls > listing.txt''. This will put the output of the directory listing which you wou
soundbox:soundbox: 5 Hits
t typing at the ''$''. - **SSH to Soundbox** To put it more simply, travel across the network so that... to play from the command line. Therefore... - Put your new tracks into a directory. Make sure there... 30 etc. Then if you change your mind and want to put in a track between two numbers, you can call it 0... your tracks are open licensed. To do this, simply put a ''.txt'' file in the directory along with your
script:santa: 4 Hits
pitalsits have captured Santa Claus and intend to put him on trail. The charges include:- * Incitin... owness, and tinsel and global destruction just to put more fucking crap under another pointlessly murde... owness, and tinsel and global destruction just to put more fucking crap under another pointlessly murde... Santa - not Christ! **Liberal:** look when they put Saddam on trial they used just one charge **Gash
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minutes_200804: 3 Hits
* Smell * Space, i.e. where would we actually put either of them. * It would mainly be the staff ... rganise.// * **Mess Outside** – smokers please put fag ends in the drain not in the garden patch or ... when they've got genuinely productive projects to put forward - not simply use the space as a place to
if:getstarted: 3 Hits
ctory of your alan3 directory called ''lib'', and put all your libraries in there. I then make another one called ''man'' and put help documents in there. Here's a look in my alan3 directory: <code> alan... -- open.i | |-- people.i | |-- push.i | |-- put.i | |-- read.i | |-- scenery.i | |-- smell.
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filmgroup:user-content_website_review_for_film-makers: 2 Hits
e for film-makers and other creatives who want to put their works on sites like You-Tube but don't want... 't use it for commercial purposes). You can also put your films on it if they're Creative Commons Lice
pretentious:pretentious: 2 Hits
to create something bigger. We wanted people to put on special events for the summer, for the Summer ... ed you to let us know what you were doing then we put it on the poster. Or, if you were not doing anyth
login_screens:guide: 2 Hits
ottom quarter of your artwork. If you're going to put some sort of logo or identifier on your work, don... it a meaningful name like 'yourname0409.jpg' and put it in /home/public/login_screens. ===== Making
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