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pretentious:pretentious: 15 Hits
thought post-industrial banality was cool, now we’re way too cool for Sheffield. Read On.. Who needs ... he creative industries actually believe that they’re doing humanity a service, they’re like the Victor... r consumer society, with a message that said ‘you’re being robbed of your lives by a mega-machine that... die if British Art is ever to be reborn – and we’re not talking metaphorically here, Valerie Solanas
minutes_200804: 8 Hits
discussion under agenda item 3. Training// **We're now actively seeking funding to help us run creat... mes to report back at next user meeting.// ** We're upgrading the system in August 2008 from Mandriva... stent install procedure for every workstation. We're also looking to make our own Debian software mirr... o that workshops can and do happen even when they're not funded. JW// </box> //James to organise and
script:santa: 7 Hits
ic nuisance during the month of August. And they're reading out the charges right now so i'll just cr... well</del> <del>what?????</del> **Santa:** you're a pagan - you should know about that. **Liberal:... ammon on trial then **Santa:** so I can go? You're trying Mammon now? (sidles towards the door) **... . I couldn't get the glass through that slot you're maint to pass money through. I ended up with all
soundbox:soundbox: 6 Hits
and one ways to do this, but here's one: when you're logged in, from the main menu select ''System > T... to Soundbox** You've just told soundbox that you're a user called ''soundbox''. (The username went be... **''ls''** List the contents of the directory you're in. - **''cd'' to other directories**. The musi... ot means "the directory that contains the one you're currently in".) - **''mplayer *.mp3''** When yo
start: 5 Hits
e a lot of support to start with, let us know you're coming in advance so we can make sure we can give... === [[Saturday Recovery:]] A day long workshop to re-cover and revive our tired old chairs! Saturday 2... de:livecodegal4|LOSS Livecode Gallery 4]] If you're interested in LOSS Livecode, you'll probably also... ===== ==== Spacers Links ==== * We recently re-found this list'o'links page which was the [[http
saturday_recovery:step-by-step_guide: 4 Hits
====== SATURDAY RECOVERY: CHAIR RE-COVERING INSTRUCTION ====== ===== Preparing the chair: ===== Un... ?400|}} Clean the chairs pads in preparation for re-covering. {{:saturday_recovery:clean_the_pads22.... oth pieces. (These are the shortest sides, if you're not sure please ask before you sew!) Using the s... ing in the middle and working out evenly. ====== Re-attaching the chair pads: ====== Position the fa
if:getstarted: 4 Hits|ALAN3 website]]. * The page you're looking for is on the [[ at add on extra features. * The exact bit you're looking for is currently [[ ply matters of personal preference - use what you're comfortable with. What you may find is that if yo... save valuable neurons for thinking about what you're writing, rather than struggling with the interfac
filmgroup:user-content_website_review_for_film-makers: 3 Hits
o several Creative Commons Licence films (you can re-use the footage as long as you don't use it for c... oses). You can also put your films on it if they're Creative Commons Licensed. Their stock-footage l... send you reviews of the latest big films that you're bound to have heard of already via email for ever
games_group:diplomacy: 3 Hits
een revised - press reload on your browser if you're still seeing the old version. * <del>CIVIL DISO... ndinavia and Britain have held much in common. We're simply acting out of brotherly concern to ensure ... rs". * Kaiser Jim was delighted to announce the re-unification of Denmark with the German people.
open_surgery:start: 3 Hits
t to do something specific with your text and you're not quite sure how to do it, just ask Charlotte, ... h people about what you want to find and what you're struggling with, so please don't hesitate to stop Charlotte, Ruthie or Steve chat about where you're at with your search and anything that's getting i
if:interactive_fiction_group: 2 Hits
ught we'd set up an interactive fiction group. We're hoping that here we can get together some web res... sability blues** - How about a story in which you're a profoundly disabled person and you can't do mos
20x20_2009:20x20_2009: 2 Hits
. Now that revolutionary, democratizing spirit is re-emerging. I felt the image of Che Guevara was rea... . I was also thinking about camouflage - when you're wearing camouflage you don't want to be seen - it
if:modtalk: 2 Hits
' clause so that -- actors only respond when they're being talked to (and not when -- they're the *sub
games_group:dw_log: 2 Hits
ds. Later in the day the characters discover they're being followed through the woods by a substantial... gnore the sound effects. The party split - Florez re-enters the camp alone to bamboozle the orcs, with
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