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Preparing the chair:

Unscrew the chair base and back from the metal frame. PUT THE SCREWS SOMEWHERE SAFE!

Clean the chairs pads in preparation for re-covering.

Cutting out the pattern:

Choose a fabric for the back (plain) and base (patterned).

Draw around the pattern for each piece using marker/tailors chalk. Take care to use the minimum amount of fabric possible.

Cut out the pattern. IMPORTANT: leave a seam allowance of 1-2cm as the line you have marked is the SEWING line not the CUTTING line.


Sewing up the side seams:

Pin together the side seams of both pieces. (These are the shortest sides, if you're not sure please ask before you sew!)

Using the sewing machine sew up these seams starting from the corners and working towards the open edges.

Attaching the fabric to the chair pads:

First pull the fabric covers over the pads. Try to match up the seams as closely as possible to each corner. (Make a note of which is the top and which is the bottom of the back pad and fit accordingly).

Start with the base pad. Start by putting one staple in the middle of each side. One staple on the front, one in the back. Stretch the fabric to be sure there are no wrinkles or folds. Your four staples should hold the fabric nice and taut.

From there, gradually work your way out towards the corners, doing a few staples on each side. Don't do all the staples on one side. Do four or five, then turn and do four or five on the next side.

When you get to the corners, pull the fabric nice and tight as you staple.

Hammer in all the staples to ensure they are secure.

When you are happy that your base cover is evenly stapled it's now time to add the base fabric. Cut the fabric to size using the pattern piece and then lay it over the underside of the base. Staple in place using the above method.

Now the chair back! This is a little more tricky than the base. You will see that one side is much longer than the other three. Staple down the three shorter sides using the above method. Make sure the corners are neat.

Now take the long side and fold it over the back of the chair (the bit that hasn't been covered yet). Tuck the 5cm seam allowances inside the fabric so the edges become neat and staple along each edge as close to the edges as possible. Work from the top to the bottom adding one staple to each side as you go. Make sure the fabric is of even tautness.

Stop 10cm from the bottom and fold the end edge of the fabric under the main flap. Reach the fabric flap to the underside of the back (see finished example) and lengthen/shorten accordingly.

Now staple down this final edge, starting in the middle and working out evenly.

Re-attaching the chair pads:

Position the fancy new chair pads on the frame.

Very carefully find the holes and screw the screws back into position.


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