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====== ===== UNDERCLASSRISING ===== We came to Sheffield, Because we thought post-industrial banality was cool, now we’re way too cool for Sheffield. Read On.. Who needs Sheffield when you’ve got Saatchi ... cking dead. Of course we had to find a town like Sheffield to further our artistic careers because our own M... art condition. We don’t feel too bad about using Sheffield the way we did, we’re natural born parasites and
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nt that began in the post-industrial wasteland of Sheffield in the late 1980s. Various Anarcho-tribalist grou... logy. Incidentally 0742 is the old area code for Sheffield. [[]] ===== Aaro... Vladimir Putin. The origin of **Deedah** is from Sheffield dialect referring to the local pronunciation of t... isodes. ===== Harries, Jake ===== Exiled Welsh Sheffield musician Jake gave the Anarchosimian movement ren
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rk]] </WRAP> <WRAP box bgyellow left> **The Real Sheffield**\\ [[therealsheffield:The Real Sheffield]] FIXM... about Sonic Event 1]] [[|Sheffield: poetry and film]] I also work on a blog about s... e Festival which was organised by Access Space in Sheffield in July 2007. The main festival website is here: ... coolnotes|Cool Festival Notes]] ==== Film People Sheffield ==== [[filmgroup:fgintro|{{fps.gif|}}]] ==== Pa
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s are **//Mother in Sepia//**, **//Greetings from Sheffield//** and **//Alien Planet//**. ==== Mother in Sep... eriod effect in sepia.//** ==== Greetings from Sheffield ==== <WRAP round box bgaliceblue left> {{:visitsheffields.jpg|Sheffield Postcard montage}} **Greetings from Sheffield**\\ </WRAP> **//Greetings from Sheffield//** **//Greetings from Sheffield was constructed using digital photographs. (I to
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rayt next to the Rutland **Pagan:** i never knew Sheffield was so ethnically diverse **Liberal:**maybe we s... ortunate than us, on the bleak council estates of Sheffield. Thousands of ordinary paupers are driven into de... ome council estates in the most deprived areas of Sheffield, mothers have been forced to sell their drugs in ... **Gash:** we will set them free! **Santa:** IN SHEFFIELD!? **Pagan:** we can take to the cairngorms - the
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you, we reccomment visiting: **Job Centre Plus** Sheffield Cavendish Court Jobcentre Plus\\ Cavendish Court\\ 9 Bank Street\\ Sheffield\\ South Yorkshire\\ United Kingdom\\ S1 2DR\\ Telephone: 0845 604 3719\\... : 0114 2419783\\ **Connexions (Young People)**\\ Sheffield Futures\\ Star House\\ 43 Division Street\\ Sheffield\\ S1 4GE\\ Tel: 0114 201 2800\\ Freephone information line: 0800 652 9900\\ Connexions Direct:
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t on the Access Space computers) === John - Not-Sheffield === John has been creating slideshows for various... s at Access Space. This image is one from his Not-Sheffield series slideshow. This displays a series of images collected using an image search engine using //Sheffield// as a search term, that are not connected with Sheffield in South Yorkshire. We used a simple slideshow javascript to cycle through the images so th
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producing and presenting artistic activity about Sheffield's regeneration and our built environment. He intr... e current campaign to save Portland Works, one of Sheffield's oldest listed Mesters, which is home to a thriv... ursary. Sam is a PhD student at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture. His research and practice
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s.html]] [[]] [[]] [[]] [[http://www.critica... [[http://]] [[
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r understanding of the landscape. After moving to Sheffield I felt I wanted to express my feelings about the
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]] at [[|Access Space]] in Sheffield. If you went to the festival feel free to use the
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px-xiangqi_cannon_trad_.svg.png|}} ===== Xiangqi in Sheffield ===== {{:show_and_tell:xiangqisheff.jpg|}}
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