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Alan Dawson - Surveillance and privacy on the internet: some observations and tactical responses

By day Alan Dawson is a network administrator at a local education provider, by night community IT activist. He is particularly interested in technology infrastructure that facilitates autonomous and peer based communications.

Slides from Alan's presentation can be found here:

Richard Bolam - Time-lapse capture using Open Source Software for digital cameras

Richard Bolam is an artist and media producer working in number of media including time-lapse and High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. He is working with CHDK and potentially gPhoto to automate capture using second-hand or obsolete cameras.

These web links relate to projects richard showed in his Reel/Time presentation:

The Eye and The Sky was a commission Richard completed in 2008. It used old Canon PowerShot A40 cameras connected to Apple PowerMacintosh G3 computers. The Eye and the Sky

Canon Hack Development Kit

Canon Camera Museum

Canon Digital Camera Software Developers Kit General Information


Seagate Creative Fund

MARCH 2010
Eric Winnert and Julia Udall - Regeneration and Portland Works

Eric Winnert talked about the The Regeneration Gallery, a community arts organisation which is dedicated to producing and presenting artistic activity about Sheffield's regeneration and our built environment. He introduced Julia Udall to present the current campaign to save Portland Works, one of Sheffield's oldest listed Mesters, which is home to a thriving community of artists, musicians and manufactures. Eric then presented the up and coming exhibition 'Portland Works', to be held at the Access space in May.

Portland Works Campaign Blog

Portland Works Campaign Site

Eric Winnert is an artist and founder of The Regeneration Gallery
Julia Udall is an architect and Architectural Researcher for Distinctive Sharrow Action Group

Patrice Riemens - 10 Tactics for Turning Information into Action (screening)

10 tactics for turning information into action shows how rights advocates around the world have used the internet and digital technologies to create positive change. The film was created by the Tactical Technology Collective and was first launched at the Front Line Club in London, in December 2009 with a series of screenings worldwide.

Patrice Reimans is a long term activist and former member of the Tactical Technology Collectives advisory board. Patrice was a participant in the Information Activism Camp held in Bangalore in February 2009 where the documentary was mostly filmed.

APRIL 2010 - Access Space 10th Birthday Special!
Sam Vardy - Open Source Architecture

Sam Vardy presented his research around the notion of Open Source Architecture, which was generated through an Access Space Research & Development Bursary. Sam is a PhD student at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture. His research and practice explores alternate ways to operate as an architect, and focuses on the notions of self-organisation and the collective appropriation of space.

James Wallbank - Ten Years in Ten Minutes!

In celebration of Access Space's 10th birthday we asked CEO James Wallbank to present ten years of Access Space in just ten minutes! The usually verbose James successfully met the time limit and offered us a glimpse at an enormous archive of photographs documenting the space's development and participants through the years.

James set up Access Space in 2000 and transformed the space from an old recording studio into an open access media lab. Access Space is one of the longest running spaces of it's kind and maintains a low carbon footprint through it's re-use of redundant technology.

Updated website coming soon!

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