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nicholas:nickintro:computing:software: 7 Hits
====== software ====== [[nicholas:nickintro:computing:software:linux]] [[nicholas:nickintro:computing:software:asembler]] [[nicholas:nickintro:computing:software:compiler]] [[nicholas:nickintro:computing:software:c++]] [[nicholas:nickintro:computing:software:java]] [[nicholas:nickintro:computing:software:basic]] [[|back to comp
shellstuff:shellstuff: 4 Hits
equire additional preparation, such as installing software, so they will not all work until the appropriate ... aphical User Interface]], or **GUI**. This is the software programs which create the windows, buttons, menus...|Wikipedia]] [[|]] [[|
setup:setup: 4 Hits
ce computers stem from an attempt to have all the software running on all the computers, then finding that t... p for different kinds of computers with different software, and it's on the Wiki so you can all add to, comment and ammend it. ===== Software on all Computers ===== (Try to keep this list short) * [[http...|Rosegarden]] (should have sound) ===== Experimental Macines ===== For trying out new software
stretch:start: 4 Hits
history data to someone else version of the same software and using clever use of SOAP or something to keep... n to start). Would have to have an api for other software to post things (specifically I'm thinking more general blogging software for less private but still relevant posts from Facebook and twitter, but also from organisations internal software to reduce duplication). Document storage and possibly templa
sc_research:questionnaire: 3 Hits
etc?"! textarea "Do you prefer to use open source software rather than commercial software such as Microsoft... ecause it is non-commercial? or because it is better than commercial software?"! submit "Continue" </form>
pixeldust:start: 2 Hits
ers. With digital cameras and photo manipulation software we can all do anything we like with images but mi... seless. They are stored all over the place. The software to sort all this stuff is good. I've downloaded
show_and_tell:start: 2 Hits
hard Bolam - Time-lapse capture using Open Source Software for digital cameras== [[ yid=314&modelid=7474&id=3464|Canon Digital Camera Software Developers Kit General Information]] [[http://ww
nicholas:nickintro:computing:software:linux: 2 Hits
==== linux ====== [[nicholas:nickintro:computing:software:linux:kernel]] [[nicholas:nickintro:computing:software:linux:gcc]] [[|back
soundbox:soundbox: 2 Hits
not much) and (2) the people who make mp3 player software need to pay a licence fee - but they don't to make ogg player software. * Stay organised, and save the tracks in a directory in your home space tem
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