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Spacers' Wiki

Hello! Welcome to the Spacers' Wiki. This is a space where Access Space participants (Spacers) can create wikified web content. We reckon it'll be most useful for documenting collaborative activities - but you may find another use for it.

If you want to experiment with this wiki, read the How To... If you are planning to contribute specific technical documentation, please consider the Knowhow wiki.

Ongoing Access Space Activities

All our activities are free and there's no need to book, but if you think you might require quite a lot of support to start with, let us know you're coming in advance so we can make sure we can give you the time you need.

Interactive digital montage projects.
2011 20×20
There are 61 Pictures in this year's 20×20 2011 - 17. James Wallbank “Portrait of the Artist as a social media avatar” Find all the images in the Media file. Note Well - These are around 650 KB files. Photography and Editing, Emma Woodrow
Open Surgery
Open Surgery offers advice and support with CV's, applications, letters and other written documents using free software from
Games Group
The games group meets in Access Space most Tuesday evenings to play games. But we don't play computer games!* Currently our preoccupations are chess, chess variants, role-playing games and diplomacy. Curry is also a factor.

*Not that there is anything wrong with computer games. Look at my work to see what a great source of artistic inspiration they are! ~ Doanright

Warped Wednesdays
On Warped Wednesdays help is available all day for people working with digital images, from 11am-7pm, using open source software such as the GNU Image Manipulation Program (

People of all levels of skill are welcome - from complete beginners to seasoned experts.

Focused support building and updating a website using a Dokuwiki template. No previous knowledge is necessary and no complex code or design is used! Every Thursday 2-6pm.
Login Screens
An archive of the various login screen created by Access Space participants. Thanks to Martyn for implementing the custom login screen code!
Show and Tell
Presentations of creative projects involving technology, followed by lively discussion. Show and Tell is every fourth Friday from 26th February 2010, 3-4pm.
Interactive Fiction Group
IF Group Several people at Access Space are already interactive fiction authors. We thought it'd be cool to start an interactive fiction group based around the ALAN3 programming language.

Individual Participants Projects

Mikeybaby72's page mikeybaby72

Steve's Access Space Research
This is a research project that aims to find out what spacers think about Access Space, open source and other stuff. It has a very short questionnaire, so it would be a great help if you could take a couple of minutes to fill it out! It also contains some art work that I have been creating at Access Space which takes paintings I've done in the past and reuses them to make something new.
Doan, Spaced Out and Mister Faulty The Golem

The artwork of Access Space's evil twins, Doanleft and Doanright Half-Exile.

  • Doan - sprite comic inspired by Chrono Trigger and other classic video games.
  • Spaced Out - Interactive web comic based in the Access Space in a surreal alternate dimension - we need more pictures to star as characters, please visit us and upload some!

We now have our own wiki! It contains links to all my artwork and literature.

Meta Portfolio

Operational Art?

Modulus P Artwork

Modulus P Artwork

The Real Sheffield

The Real Sheffield FIXME

Richard Bakewell

Richard Bakewell

David's Chess Pages

David's Chess Pages

Pretentious Artist
Pretentious Artist. An impressively wordy screed from the infamous Pretentious Artist. We've put this into a new document so that it doesn't clutter up the front page too much. Hey, Pretentious - make new documents by making links!

Stretching Stretch's brain A spot of musing on Martyn's (and anyone else that wants to join in) ideas for social technology and bits and bobs for Access Space.

A glossary of terms relating to the Deedahist art movement.

At Access Space, I like to experiment with digital art: particularly film making using Cinelerra, music making using Ubuntu studio, and GIMPing my photography.

Film about Sonic Event 1 Sheffield: poetry and film

I also work on a blog about statistics and spanish football:Fantasy Football Super.

Past Events

Pop Up Installation

Pop Up Installation A collaborative installation in the foyer to celebrate 10 years of Access Space. June 2010.

Saturday Recovery, February 2010

Saturday Recovery A day long workshop to re-cover and revive our tired old chairs! Saturday 27th February 2010.

January 2010 Access Space Snowman


Access Space trip to Kinder Scout, June 2009

Several spacers took a trip to Kinder Scout.

Cyanotype Printing Workshops 2009

Recycle Exhibition 2007

Recycle Exhibition: In December we had another of our periodic recycle days at Access Space, and this time we twinned it with an exhibition project, where we made artworks and curios from the mountains of techno-trash!

LOSS Livecode 2007

Here's some additional documentation of the LOSS LiveCode Festival which was organised by Access Space in Sheffield in July 2007. The main festival website is here:

If you're interested in LOSS Livecode, you'll probably also be interested in the LOSS Project, which is the first iteration of this project.


Cool Festival Notes

Film People Sheffield

Participant Meeting April 2008

We had the first Spacers' meeting of the year on 24th April.

Present: Adam M, Anita, Callum, Cy, Harriet, Jake, James W, Javid, John K, Jim M, Hannah, Jose, Mike H, Reka, Rich L, Tony G, Trevor.

Apologies: Richard B, TJ, Theo P.

Here are the minutes of the meeting written up by Hannah. Thanks Hannah.

Another participant meeting occurred in 2009, did anyone document it?


Marc and Ruth from net art organisation, spent a week as artists in residence. During this time they collaborated with spacers remixing their images, sounds and concepts using simple HTML and Javascripts.


Arts Programme Events

Arts Programme Events. A list of pages of information and photos of Access Space arts events.


Open Source Embroidery


Spacers Links

Blind Drawing

Blind Drawing is what happens when you ask people to make portraits… without looking!

Cool Stuff To Do With The Shell

An introduction to the GNU/Linux shell (command line.) This doesn't aim to be a manual or guide. It is more focussed on introducing people who might not know about the shell to it's myriad uses and potential functionality.

Out Spacer

Brian. Notes on an occasional visitor.

Proposal for Access Space's computer setup

Proposal for Access Space's computer setup

Blender Research

Blender Research


Soundbox. A guide to Access Space's sound server.

Black Dogs Case Study

By Cassandra Kill

This case study is part of my MA Creative Enterprise at Leeds Met. I hope that over time it will be edited, rewritten and erased to become a collaborative piece. Please feel free to read and contribute to the development of the piece as you wish.

Black Dogs Case Study

DIY Knitting Machine

Who's Writing About Access Space?

We've been searching online to see who's been writing about Access Space. Here's what they say.

Other Places

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