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re that can give you a decent grounding in how to start writing your own commands or scripts to do what *... he background services (or **daemons**), and then start the GUI login screen. The GUI runs on **tty7**. ... t is relevant to know which directory in when you start running command which expect files to act on, how... can just run ''grep "string" *'' If you want to start using grep in earnest, you should read up some pa
start: 5 Hits
think you might require quite a lot of support to start with, let us know you're coming in advance so we ... ctive fiction authors. We thought it'd be cool to start an [[if:interactive fiction group]] based around ... **Steve's Access Space Research**\\ [[sc_research/start|{{:light_night2.preview.jpg |}}]] This is a [[sc... <WRAP box bgyellow left> **Stretch** [[stretch:start|Stretching Stretch's brain]] A spot of musing on
soundbox:soundbox: 3 Hits
''System > Terminals > Konsole''. You'll need to start typing at the ''$''. - **SSH to Soundbox** To p... ith your friends. A refreshing change, eh? For a start off, check this out: [[ llow_ambient_techno''. - Number all the tracks. Start each track with a two-digit number - the lower th
stretch:start: 3 Hits
lient but they would have to agree to that as you start as it would effect the kinds of thing people woul... , that kind of thing but it most likely you would start small with a local or need specific trusted organisation to start). Would have to have an api for other software to post things (specifically I'm th
games_group:werewolf: 2 Hits
== A healer can designate one other player at the start of the night, without that players knowledge. Sho... d has the ability to designate two people, at the start of the game, to be lovers. Should one or the othe
if:source: 2 Hits
vent. -- things that need to happen right at the start START AT nowhere. schedule heromove after 0. LO
saturday_recovery:step-by-step_guide: 2 Hits
recovery:fold_the_fabric_around_the_base2.jpg|}} Start with the base pad. Start by putting one staple in
gimp_tennis:start: 2 Hits
MP tennis is game where two (or more) people take start with an image and make alterations to it, using t... [three]] [[four]] [[five]] Please feel free to start a new game here. ===== Resources ===== [[resou
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ttp://|Steve Withington]] and [[http://d4maths.lowtech.o
if:modhero: 1 Hits
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