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debate visiting "his Lordship" in the manor house they presume to be nearby, but they decide against it. Next morning they set off west again, still mystified by how such a civilized and unfortified manor... ldlands. Later in the day the characters discover they're being followed through the woods by a substant... l. Resisting Cohen's instincts owards aggression, they parley with their stalkers and determine that the
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rancesca met up in the village of Axbridge, where they also met a priest called Bretwald. He took them o... a moonlit forest in the process. Inside the tomb they find all kinds of magical traps and even some creatures of a similar nature. They manage to make their way into the depths of the complex, finding va... ured and weary from the battles, to flee ignobly. They returned to the nearest village to lick their wou
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in the creative industries actually believe that they’re doing humanity a service, they’re like the Vic... e today for a better future. Forty years ago, as they blew up a trendy Biba fashion boutique, The Angr... erything else, capitalism can only go backwards — they’ve nowhere to go — they’re dead. The future is o... e keep buying things in the hope that, this time, they will finally feel satisfied. And low-paid bored p
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public nuisance during the month of August. And they're reading out the charges right now so i'll just... gash:** where are these Lapp dancers? **pagan:** they wear traditional costumes and try to appease the ... even calculate how many miles... <del>**Santa:** they loved their work</del> **Santa:** There was only... Tsarist slaughter of turkish people. <del>i hear they want more of em in the Eu</del> <del>turkeys?</d
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black_dogs_case_study:start: 14 Hits
o have viewed/participated in Black Dogs' work so they could participate in my research, but this was in... to the distancing effect the “well-made” objects they were producing had on the audience, and the way i... orward their exhibition proposals. The more money they spent, the more chance they had and the bigger th... ing occupied// involving around 30 collaborators. They have shifted their view of members to see all col
minutes_200804: 12 Hits
ty, so that workshops can and do happen even when they're not funded. JW// </box> //James to organise a... ies if we get participants to sign a sheet to say they are benefiting from Access Space. //Adam/Team t... or recording how users are feeling, what projects they're working on etc. Users could take part or not. ... garden patch or on the floor. Tell people off if they are spitting outside. **We've now added two nic
games_group:werewolf: 12 Hits
lves kill off the villagers. The villagers win if they kill off all the werewolves, while the werewolves win if they kill off all the villagers before they are found out. With enough people, some village... he players being werewolves when the game begins. They are allowed to know who one another are, and all ... s depending on who is running the game. Sometimes they can choose one person and look at their card with
shellstuff:shellstuff: 10 Hits
onal preparation, such as installing software, so they will not all work until the appropriate tools are... ssibly to **GNU/Linux**, who want to know **why** they should learn how to use the shell, and **what kin... g. There are other fine guides which do this, and they may be found by simply doing a web search. Searc... rn memory card sizes that will be more than 100), they probably have weird names like ''P1003501.JPG'' o
pixeldust:start: 9 Hits
or lies? ===== **'Photographs never lie'** but they always did, from the creation of photography. A ... ts - you could cover a house with one - but then they are erased or left to clog memory space - or they are launched onto the //www// to be shared or forgotten. I've tried all this but I've never got ro... ably. Many exist as strips of 35mm negatives (but they are filed and labeled so I can retrieve them). T
deedah:deedah: 7 Hits
omaz stories. Like the later **Anarchosimians**, they believe that society is engaging in mass voluntar... oto-Deedahist grouping that emerged in the 1980s. They sought inspiration from the wisdom of Sun Ra and ... onal Anarchosimians from the Chronicles of Zomaz. They first appeared in episode X - Monkey Business, when they helped Zomaz free Aaron from Guantanamo Bay. [[]] ===
operational_art: 7 Hits
rs into positions whence there is no escape, and they will prefer death to flight. If they will face death, there is nothing they may not achieve. ---- 56 Bestow rewards without regard to rule, ... many stories exist. Some say nine, some say 11. They probably need to be an odd number any how. Or co... Female, Heaven and Earth, Mountain and Valley but they do not exist as binary opposites. They combine t
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