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m ===== <del>//The news program is called Fucked Up News (FUN) Special: The Trial Of Santa. We can u... tion of the earth]], or a NI-style south-pointing-up globe.//</del> //Head and shoulders shot of a ne... em is a video-screen on which Santa is being lead up some flights of stairs in chains.// **Newsreader... please feel free to shout hear hear and even come up with new charges)</del> <del>We now cross live t
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entertained – you really couldn’t make this shit up! Post-modern, consumerist ‘Art’ fairs no better; ... r a better future. Forty years ago, as they blew up a trendy Biba fashion boutique, The Angry Brigad... are made to dress the same and have the same make-up, representing the 1940’s. In fashion as in everyt... rinking some tasteless coffee? Or perhaps BLOW IT UP OR BURN IT DOWN. The only thing you can do with m
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er: Adam Zelaieta// Cohen is a barbarian who grew up in the Northern borders, close to the wildlands. Growing up in a village with a constant feud with a neighbouring village has made him come to enjoy ... === Our heroes, Cohen, Egomas and Francesca met up in the village of Axbridge, where they also met a... he tomb. He also claims that a potion they picked up has the power to revive the dead. This causes the
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very many of the tools that you will probably end up using. There are other fine guides which do this,... 8PC%29|Virtual Console]]. When your system boots up, it will probably enter what is called [[wp>Runle... the type ''man vi'' in the Shell, this will bring up a manual. [[|Wi... ed the file in your home folder, you can now open up a terminal and run ''chmod +x''. If
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. I guess I'm in charge now... The elevator leads up and down and doors lead east to west." schedule a... To gun_deck. Exit down To engine_room. Exit up To medical_bay. Exit east To living_quarters. ... e. A door leads to the east and an elevator leads up." schedule alienmove after 3. if alien nearby the... arby." end if. Exit east To cargo_bay. Exit up To Bridge. End The engine_room. The living_quart
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about the way the different packages are bundled up making them difficult to distinguish between. Ri... ly reduce the number of updates required and tidy up the system for users. //Rich/ James to report ba... m. * It would mainly be the staff who would end up cleaning it not users, like the mugs, kitchen, va... we've all got no excuse for not doing the washing up.** ===== 7. COMMUNICATIONS ===== Current sugges
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refreshments all the characters except Hobo pluck up their courage and accept the drinks graciously. A... characters continue to the north west, clambering up the borderland escarpment, bypassing a cave which... ==== //Shared out the treasure. Argued. Levelled up!// * //6th April - no roleplaying today, GM in... ple of orc guard, sneak into the camp and clamber up the ziggurat, following Hobo. Lowering a rope dow
if:interactive_fiction_group: 5 Hits
st in interactive fiction, so we thought we'd set up an interactive fiction group. We're hoping that h... he weather was lousy, and just three of us turned up, and showed some of the ideas we've been working ... mes has created a poster, this wiki page, and set up an email address for enquiries: '''... a bit slack since the Spring, and we haven't met up. * It seems that a principal problem is distri
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is into a new document so that it doesn't clutter up the front page too much. Hey, Pretentious - make ... er]]. </WRAP> ===== Past Events ===== ==== Pop Up Installation ==== [[Pop Up Installation:]] A col... [[minutes_200804|minutes of the meeting]] written up by Hannah. Thanks Hannah. //Another participant ... ince the late '90s. Lowtech are known for setting up a well known digital media lab in the Sheffield a
saturday_recovery:step-by-step_guide: 4 Hits
covery:cut_out_the_fabric2.jpg|}} ====== Sewing up the side seams: ====== Pin together the side sea... sk before you sew!) Using the sewing machine sew up these seams starting from the corners and working... ull the fabric covers over the pads. Try to match up the seams as closely as possible to each corner.
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Jake asked me for some ideas. we build (or pick up already built) something that sits either in the ... em to know all of it. This came to me cos I woke up realising that is the not only the aggregation of... 's illness and it's consequences. - I got feed up of telling people the same story over and over ag... However when you try to do this your either using up police time or if you try social services at midn
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u want to cd back to where you just were, (i.e. //up// a directory) type ''cd ..'' (Yes, dot-dot means... type ''lastfm&'' and use the interface that pops up. * Choose the "Creative Commons" radio station... 3'', ''01_second_track.mp3''. A good tip is to go up in tens - 00, 10, 20, 30 etc. Then if you change
black_dogs_case_study:start: 3 Hits
ht be much more open thing that people might turn up to that we don't know, but at the moment it's thr... uently used the questions you had sent us to draw up a new 'blurb' for the group which we are hoping t... ow followed by Eggs Cheese Flour Milk. The Leeds up to that group show saw the start of informal grou
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sicians and manufactures. Eric then presented the up and coming exhibition 'Portland Works', to be hel... t and participants through the years. James set up Access Space in 2000 and transformed the space fr
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