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e. This page contains all possible syntax you may use when editing the pages. Simply have a look at the... m of the page. If you want to try something, just use the [[playground:playground|playground]] page. Th... u can **__//''combine''//__** all these. You can use <sub>subscript</sub> and <sup>superscript</sup>, too. You can use <sub>subscript</sub> and <sup>superscript</sup>, too. You can mark something as
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soundbox:soundbox: 7 Hits
e the password). Then simply type ''lastfm&'' and use the interface that pops up. * Choose the "Crea... one artist, then name it the name of the artist. Use ''_'' or ''-'' instead of spaces, and don't use a... the number, the earlier you want it to be played. Use leading zeros to get the order right - like this:... View > View Mode > Text View''. Or if you want to use the shell, just cd into the directory and type ''
shellstuff:shellstuff: 7 Hits
who want to know **why** they should learn how to use the shell, and **what kind of things** it can be ... using the [[wp>Bash]] shell, though some systems use other shells, such as [[wp>Zsh]] and [[wp>Ksh]]. ... = The aim of this guide is not to tell you how to use every single command but to highlight some of the... f how to learn more. If you want to learn how to use a command or program (such as ''vi'', the text ed
filmgroup:user-content_website_review_for_film-makers: 7 Hits
is a wiki, so please add to this. === THOSE WHO USE CREATIVE COMMONS === ** [[|ARC... everal Creative Commons Licence films (you can re-use the footage as long as you don't use it for comme... ur User Submissions through the Website, and //to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works ... Creative Commons this is limited to non-comercial use: people can remix and share your work //non comer
if:getstarted: 6 Hits
A development environment is simply the tools you use to write, compile and test run your adventures. You can use any editor, along with a shell to compile with ''alan'', and the ''arun'' interpreter. Ho... ronment very simply. My personal preference is to use the tabbed console ''konsole'' and write in three... These are simply matters of personal preference - use what you're comfortable with. What you may find i
stretch:start: 6 Hits
lse version of the same software and using clever use of SOAP or something to keep everything updated. ... m thinking this is basically a 'web based log' (I use the full term cos that what I mean rather than the current use of the word blog) (not primarily written by the client themselves) of everything that ... to off site resources. Thinking about this I see use in loads of areas. - Substance dependence - S
if:modhero: 6 Hits
black_dogs_case_study:start: 5 Hits
to become involved in the piece. These were: * Use of the Black Dogs website ( s. Arguably, it would not have been sufficient to use members of the group as gatekeepers to the audien... ea. We might do a photography project, or simply use photography to document a project.” (James Hill, ... ly stage, the group had an interest in how people use their time (which links to anti-capitalist ideas)
if:interactive_fiction_group: 4 Hits
hould be our policy to standardise what system we use, so we can all learn from each other. We could ev... e of fun" or something. We've currently opted to use and advocate the ALAN3 language. [[ render.i|here]]. It causes some problems with the use of the word 'food' in adventures so you may want ... and includes surrender.i. Remember that when you use a new .i file you need to mention it in std.i as
start: 4 Hits
llaborative activities - but you may find another use for it. If you want to experiment with this wiki... d to go! * :!: **To mess around** please don't use other people's pages just to find out how this wiki works. Use [[playground:wiki sandbox|the Wiki Sandbox]] instead. The [[playground:Wiki Sandbox]] ... ake an art gallery for your dokuwiki page!** Just use the gallery function. [[gallery_howto|Here's how]
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