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is on the [[|version 3 download page]]. * For Linux, the exact bit... .x86.tgz|here]], but it's likely to change as the version number increases. * For Linux, look for the l... 1dev.tgz|here]], but it's likely to change as the version number increases. * Look for the bit that say... it seems that the current zip files for the Linux version on the ALAN3 website are damaged. :-/ - Never m
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ight day in late may.//** ==== The first edited version ==== <WRAP round box bgaliceblue left> {{:dead... were manipulated to add the pink tone. A second version, reflecting the first was produced by rotating th... the finished collage required two prints of each version and two prints of the top half of each version.//
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ained lots of times, if you want to read the full version talk me into typing it all again (beer will work)... erson and their case history data to someone else version of the same software and using clever use of SOAP... o keep everything updated. (This is basically the version that uses salesforce which has other advantages a
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ad on your browser if you're still seeing the old version. * <del>CIVIL DISORDER! * Army Tyrol HOLD *
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revolutionary! **Santa:** don’t bring ur warped version of history into this **Liberal:** he fucked us r
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:DokuWiki]] will generally try to supply a cached version of a page, obviously this is inappropriate when t
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name and include your credits * Upload your new version here by creating a new page (You will need to reg
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