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text, and then //middle click// in the place you want it pasted. A command is simple a sentence, which... such as **cdparanoia**.) ==== Yeah, but why do I want a shell?! ==== This guide is designed for newcome... to the shell - and possibly to **GNU/Linux**, who want to know **why** they should learn how to use the ... hings** it can be used for. If you read this and want to learn more, then there are many good guides ou
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enison when we reached home. **Gash:** Waste not want not! **Pagan:** Actually it's an ancient traditi... st slaughter of turkish people. <del>i hear they want more of em in the Eu</del> <del>turkeys?</del> ... thing is it my protest was entirely peaceful. I want to destroy capitalism with acts of generosity. *... for Extraordinary Rendition" **Pagan:** I don't want to get extraordineraly rendered! **Floater:** Do
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soundbox:soundbox: 6 Hits
*''ls''** List again and see what's there. If you want to cd back to where you just were, (i.e. //up// a... pe ''mplayer *.mp3'' (or ''mplayer *.ogg'' if you want to play oggs). * If you want them in random o... it number - the lower the number, the earlier you want it to be played. Use leading zeros to get the ord... 10, 20, 30 etc. Then if you change your mind and want to put in a track between two numbers, you can ca
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/ button at the top or bottom of the page. If you want to try something, just use the [[playground:playg... Paragraphs** are created from blank lines. If you want to **force a newline** without a paragraph, you c... ig option]]. ===== Quoting ===== Some times you want to mark some text to show it's a reply or comment... %%'' or ''%%<file>%%'' syntax as above, you might want to make the shown code available for download as
filmgroup:fgintro: 5 Hits
} ** FPS ** are a loose collection of people who want to experiment with the moving image, in all its v... roup, talk about them, and talk about what people want from **FPS**. Also - WE WANT TO SHOW YOUR FILMS! If you have a film you want to show at our first meeting, please send it to me by 15th Jan 2007. ... ILM-MAKERS]] ** If, for some obscure reason, you want the text from the form I asked people to fill in,
black_dogs_case_study:start: 4 Hits
t of my MA in Creative Enterprise at Leeds Met. I want to create an ongoing dialogue about the work of B... it a Leeds group only or something more? Does it want to be something more? I am yet to hear a definiti... appen if work is done that none of the original 6 want ownership of, my gut reaction is that they will not want it to be classified as BDs and so we find ourselves no further forward. I do stand to be cor
pretentious:pretentious: 4 Hits
le intention of selling you something you neither want or need (indeed, if you really needed something, ... nobody lives like the people on TV. Why would you want to keep up with the Jones’s when everybody knows ... ON will demolish them. So before this happens, we want to give people a chance to celebrate them, as our... and lots of parties for hedonistic parasites who want to look ‘alternative’ to get girlfriends. We wan
stretch:start: 4 Hits
ew bits that I've explained lots of times, if you want to read the full version talk me into typing it a... goes outside of their remit and pushes things. I want to help build DPA compliant structures that let i... y need would be different and the client may not want all of them to know all of it. This came to me c... ems wanted ===== ==== Enabling technologies ==== Want to work on some [[]] r
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