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. We're hoping that here we can get together some web resources to help with authoring. Then we can hav... un'' interpreter that you can simply paste into a web page - and (I've talked with the developers) ther... nstall the ''arun'' binaries as a CGI script on a web server, so that people could play our IFs through a web interface. There's been some discussion on the IF mailing list, and __it is possible__ and __
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I refill its paint pot.// | | 19. | John Keenan | Web 3.0 | //"The purpose of a Dreamcatcher is to catch bad dreams in the web while good dreams pass through the hole at the centre. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could design a World Wide Web that would trap all the hate, porn and violent images, and a
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50 |}}\\ <WRAP box round bgred> Welcome to Wiki Web Works! These workshops aim to guide you in creati... make sure you have SSH access to your site - your web host should be able to help with this!\\ \\ Dok
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]] participants (//Spacers//) can create wikified web content. We reckon it'll be most useful for docum...|Spaced Out]] - Interactive web comic based in the Access Space in a surreal alte
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mprovisation * Documentary * Silent films * Web Animations * Mobile phone films * Feature fil... * Acting * Editing * Animation * Uploading, web-streaming * Getting films onto mobile phones
blender:blenderintro: 2 Hits]] . I made this web page for my work experience. I had never used ble... I've had help from Tony down here and the blender web page [[
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do this, and they may be found by simply doing a web search. Searching for help, however, requires so... earnest, you should read up some pages. Just do a web search for **grep guide** to find lots of useful
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what happens around the place (Hanna). using old web cams to do the same job. using a combo of artist... condition.** I'm thinking this is basically a 'web based log' (I use the full term cos that what I m
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