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black_dogs_case_study:start: 16 Hits
ple voices to become involved in the piece. These were: * Use of the Black Dogs website ( positional to the group's collective ethos, these were the most time effective ways of gathering the inf... he distancing effect the “well-made” objects they were producing had on the audience, and the way in whi... nstitutions and procedures: 'Potential exhibitors were urged to bring along their wonga to the opening n
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pretentious:pretentious: 13 Hits
too visionary for you South Yorkshire folk and we were forced to find a creative outlet at the top the d... status quo. If we didn’t land the Saatchi job we were going to move to a Brazilian favela to get a feel... e way we did, we’re natural born parasites and we were just doing our job. Besides, there are a lot of M... t villages with cheap heroin. We joke not, as we were busy patronising the Working Class they even told
games_group:diplomacy: 7 Hits
of Serbia from the Austro-Hungarians foices, who were hunting them to extinction. They continued patrol... s Vienna end up awash with blood. * The English were too busy at a barbecque === Orders === England:... greement with the Russians fell through when they were NEEEDLESSLY assaulted by a combined force of Russ... attack on neutral Belgium. Fortunately our armies were able to help the Belgians to resist this menace."
minutes_200804: 6 Hits
(e.g. women, ethnic minorities, GLBT groups etc) were discussed, some of the group were in favour, some... e Access Space ethos, the following Pros and Cons were discussed: ==== PROS ==== * It would encourag... aces. * The Computer Knowhow for Women sessions were successful. * It encourages a wider user base a... and definitely couldn't be done unless resources were found for this. * It would mean amending the op
script:santa: 5 Hits
o reindeer. **<del>Floater</del>Gash:** oh yes u were u coke-guzzling fascist **Pagan:** those deer sh... r heard it called that before. <del>**Liberal:** were going off point here...</del> <del>**pagan:** go... ok - no cruelty to reindeer - what other charges were there?</del> **Liberal:** can we carpark that on... ont. //(shocked pause)// **Floater:** aye but u were a baby **Gash:** no - the other week. //(shocke
deedah:deedah: 5 Hits
== Braindeadnation ===== The **Braindeadnation** were the creators of the original Zomaz stories. Like... t** was coined, Mandy Osmosis and Angus Wellbeing were producing the anarcho-tribalist publication //Col... ==== Nubians of Pluto ===== The Nubians of Pluto were another proto-Deedahist grouping that emerged in ... lism ===== 0742's //Orange Series// of paintings were the first Deedahist works to ever be vandalised o
games_group:dw_log: 5 Hits
sick characters deteriorated marginally, but they were kept reasonably mobile and functional by a herbal... klessly and battle was joined. Several characters were badly burnt and clawed, but our heroes prevailed,... mining the bodies, they discover that the "monks" were actually clawed, winged creatures with flaming, b... rty spent most of their time fighting bandits who were attempting to extort a pair of horses from them.
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gimp_month:gimp_month: 2 Hits
t. When did it take place? Who organised it? What were the objectives? Who took part? What were the outc
20x20_2009:20x20_2009: 2 Hits
arch 2003: Iraq | //I noticed that when the tanks were firing, they kicked up so much smoke they couldn't see anything. Only when the guns were silent was the view clear. I was also thinking about camoufl
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[livecode:livecodegal3|here]]. Images on the page were created by "0742" at [[http://pretentiousartist.c
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