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black_dogs_case_study:start: 28 Hits
t. I want to create an ongoing dialogue about the work of Black Dogs, so my original piece eventually be... . If you wish to add your views on Black Dogs's work, please comment however you like. ===== INTRODUC... ublic who have viewed/participated in Black Dogs' work so they could participate in my research, but thi... udience as this could provide biased views on the work of the group. If I'd had more time, I would've us
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rsion talk me into typing it all again (beer will work). ===== Access Space Projects? ===== ==== Music... nd manual content could be added too. I'd love to work with others on how to build php scripts that draw... advising jobs and conversations with people that work with street drinkers etc. but its also connected to needs I've had whilst try to work through my wife's illness and it's consequences. - I got fee
pretentious:pretentious: 6 Hits
ss. The cleverest trick of all is that those who work in the creative industries actually believe that ... hly paradise that is open to anyone – if you just work hard enough for it. Of course nobody lives like t... est. So we needed to show it, LEISURE IS THE NEW WORK, the new form of social control. We needed to get... our CV’s look better, by stealing your talent. We work for Charles Saatchi. We’ve worked with people li
shellstuff:shellstuff: 5 Hits
such as installing software, so they will not all work until the appropriate tools are installed (such a... the Shell ==== Most users of the operating system work with some kind of [[ ll receive a ''command not found'' message. It is work noting that **graphical programs** will not run f... mat lines of text by writing short programs which work on the files. ==== Shell Aliases ==== When you t
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is anything wrong with computer games. Look at my work to see what a great source of artistic inspiratio... inutes to fill it out! It also contains some art work that I have been creating at Access Space which t... com/19276552|Sheffield: poetry and film]] I also work on a blog about statistics and spanish football:[... s - but please don't sabotage other participants' work, and don't spam the wiki with numerous and/or ove
pixeldust:start: 3 Hits
lly in the past she processed and printed her own work - which required time and money or a profession i... ograms. They are fun to use. Actually doing the work though, that is another matter. ===== Creative ... 0x180|Alien Planet}}]] </WRAP> **//Portfolio of Work//** ---- ==== Dead Tree Collage ==== <WRAP rou
photoshopping:start: 3 Hits
. Zhang Dali has used examples from China in his work. See for a blog on Zhang Dali's work, //A Second History// which reveals Mao's use of pho... etter at playing than working. Probably the only work worth doing //is// play. I would not like to pro
script:santa: 3 Hits
==== I’ve kind of invented this script format to work with the rather limited formatting options that t... w many miles... <del>**Santa:** they loved their work</del> **Santa:** There was only ever one injury.... extraordineraly rendered! **Floater:** Does that work? I mean, we'd KNOW if we were being tried for te
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login_screens:guide: 3 Hits
or your artwork for a log in screen ====== The work can be a photo, painting, drawing, absolutely anything so long as it is your own work. Format:1024 x 768 jpg White text should be readable over the... ng to put some sort of logo or identifier on your work, don't place it in the bottom quarter. Once you
art4netizens:projectintro: 3 Hits
cy. During our stay in September '08 we looked at work by Spacers and allowed it to shape what we did. W... l and javascript - we manipulated and remixed the work. As we worked we created notated code templates t... ipt uses recycled script-trash - still needs some work to function fully as intended) === Zoom === The
black_dogs_case_study:appendix_1_-_questions_sent_to_the_group: 3 Hits
far do you agree that this is a key part of your work? How do you do this? Does this enhance or restric... ant to the group? If you have any photos of the work of Black Dogs that you are happy for me to use, p... e members of the public who have engaged with the work of Black Dogs in my research. If you know anyone
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