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e perfect ‘cum shot’ for his high profile rape of working class culture. But alas our ideas proved too visi... .e. S7 you cannot vote). This is open only to the Working Class. Phone now and you might win the opportunit... ‘Billy Elliot’, ‘Coronation Street’; we luuuuuurv Working Class culture, just as long as we can recreate re... emolished Sheffield’s industry in order to weaken Working Class solidarity. The miners strike of 1984 gave
black_dogs_case_study:start: 9 Hits
practitioner interested in collaborative ways of working and cultural politics, my key aims are to discove... cipation and responding to anti-capitalist ideas. Working with a new collaborator (Eleanor Johnson), Black ... will undertake in my discussion of collaborative working in Black Dogs. ===== HOW DOES THE CREATIVE PR... thing more likely to be found in groups of people working together, in teams...bringing together complement
if:interactive_fiction_group: 7 Hits
and/or hack sessions to get some text adventures working.// ===== Intro ===== There are lots of framewor... urned up, and showed some of the ideas we've been working on. * We looked into a full install of ''alan''... using ''gargoyle''. * Kate and Steve started working on their own IF stories, and got familiar with th... = * James has been looking into ALAN3 more, and working on an interactive game. He's cracked random place
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/|Richard Bolam]] is an artist and media producer working in number of media including time-lapse and High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. He is working with CHDK and potentially gPhoto to automate capture
shellstuff:shellstuff: 2 Hits
ayed on the login screen.) ''~'' is your current working directory (''~'' means the same as /home/username... e run from anywhere. If you want to change your //working directory//, you can type ''cd'' followed by a sp
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. Rich explained that he and James are currently working on a package installation project which will hope... ding how users are feeling, what projects they're working on etc. Users could take part or not. Group appro
deedah:deedah: 2 Hits
//Daydreams are your Comrades// and //Shiregreen Working Primates//. //Death of a Giro// marked the point... recent example of this would be the //Shiregreen Working Primates// exhibition at the Mooreen Social Centr
saturday_recovery:step-by-step_guide: 2 Hits
sew up these seams starting from the corners and working towards the open edges. {{:saturday_recovery:sew... down this final edge, starting in the middle and working out evenly. ====== Re-attaching the chair pads:
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t launch The Campaign Against Primate Change.. As working class (high-primates)we are tired of hearing abou... t launch The Campaign Against Primate Change.. As working class (high-primates)we are tired of hearing abou
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