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e for two key reasons. Most members of Black Dogs would not identify it as an 'organisation' (rather a collective or group) and would be politically opposed to the idea of the creative process as 'enterpri... lack Dogs drove me to look for methodologies that would encourage multiple voices to become involved in t... the group. In combination, I hoped these methods would highlight areas of tension and consensus. Ultimat
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es?) I'd be happier with the slideshow because it would be easier to get going and add features too over ... 09/2008) ==== I was originally thinking that this would be some sort of federated database where a referr... children at the same time the advisers they need would be different and the client may not want all of t... ing. - the professionals that I told it all too would never create an account on LJ just to look at you
minutes_200804: 11 Hits
and Cons were discussed: ==== PROS ==== * It would encourage groups who are uncomfortable in mixed s... done unless resources were found for this. * It would mean amending the opening hours so that we could ... op on how to get funding for workshops. The catch would be that, anyone who attended this workshop would ... ==== Cons: ==== * Smell * Space, i.e. where would we actually put either of them. * It would main
black_dogs_case_study:appendix_1_-_questions_sent_to_the_group: 8 Hits
different people involved with the collective and would like to create a dialogue based on the following ... id commissions? - Do you think that Black Dogs would benefit from having a set of guidelines to ensure... of Black Dogs in my research. If you know anyone would be happy to speak to me about their experience in... I will send out further information by email and would really appreciate the additions through this mode
pretentious:pretentious: 6 Hits
ing Towers in the name of art; he thought that it would make the perfect ‘cum shot’ for his high profile ... something, then it wouldn’t have to be advertised would it?). Trendy marketing agencies and slick TV pro... Of course nobody lives like the people on TV. Why would you want to keep up with the Jones’s when everybo... f course we didn’t believe them at first (and who would?) so we asked about finding out if there was any
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script:santa: 6 Hits
ice. <del>**Liberal (formally the judge):** what would that be then?</del> **Liberal:** bushmen don’t c... ce to defend himself **<del>Liberal</del>Gash:** would u give Pol Pot or Hitler or George Bush a chance?... **Harvey:** Yeh I did hear that. **Newsreader:** Would you like to give evidence at such a trail? **Har... m as a bribe from coke - the one you had as Frost would never fit you now!</del> **Gash:** fuck Israel
games_group:diplomacy: 5 Hits
ll surrendering Austrians, guaranteeing that they would not be castrated like their more unruly brothers.... t anything other than German domination of Europe would be "unergonomic". He went on to say that "if you ... * Archduke Adam offered fig rolls to anyone who would accept them. * General Roberto Napoleon bought ... h territory and suggested that they [the Germans] would be better advised to look to the looming danger f
deedah:deedah: 5 Hits
le of Deedahism//[*]. Originally yoga-fanatic and would-be astronaut James Wallbank created the space as ... ilar area by Deedahists. A recent example of this would be the //Shiregreen Working Primates// exhibition... n, now a minor planet outside the orbit of Pluto. Would have been a key inspiration for the Deedahist mov... as several Deedahists claim that having any rules would destroy the essence of Deedah, two simple rules h
filmgroup:form: 4 Hits
film group Do you think that’s a good idea? What would you like from one? This is not a crappy tick-box ... ions. Please write as much as you like. What part would you like to take in collaborative film-making? If... yet... I’ll just let it flow What sort of films would you like to take part in? * Video Installation... eeting? (evening, afternoon, weekend, etc) * I would like to learn about: * Camera technique * Ac
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