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Welcome to Wiki Web Works! These workshops aim to guide you in creating a website that you can update and edit in future, using a Dokuwiki template. All you need is a domain name, which we can help you with if you don't have one already. If you do, you need to make sure you have SSH access to your site - your web host should be able to help with this!

Dokuwiki templates are made by people all over the world and are free to download online. Installing the template onto your site is more tricky and is something we will do for you, but uploading, laying out and editing your images and text, creating separate pages and adding links is quick and easy to pick up. Once your site is completed, you'll find it easy to keep it updated.

In time, you can also pick up the skills to adjust the colours and features of the template, but this is more a technical process which will require more advanced skills – we will help you tweak certain small features as we go along and help you learn the more complex use of CSS in future.


These basic templates are a clean and easy to navigate and a good basis for your dokuwiki site. The templates can be adjusted to contain all your information and links to your own page names. If you follow the links you can navigate the sites and see it they work for you.





  • Examples of this template



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