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I love Safeways because... It's a community of shoppers, united by a common purpose.

I love Tony Blair because... he wears eye make-up for the people, live on TV.

I love Tony Blair because... he's here today, gone tomorrow. (26 June 2007)

I love Supertram because... it's got wings.

by Robin Vaughan-Williams

I love emailing because... I can yak on obsessively without ever being interrupted.

I love bras because... I need all the support I can get.

I love cigarettes because... they might kill me before I get Alzheimer's.

I love dogshit because... It's totally organic, biodegradable, and keeps perfectly still.

I love the surveillance society because... I like attention wherever it comes from.

by Ruth Grimsley, the Bard of Broomhill

I love hyperlinks because... they open up Vistas to other worlds.

I love my bottom because... I can quickly evacuate in case of an emergency.

I love self-adhesive stamps because... I don't have to lick the Queen's backside.

by Paul Ottaway

I love the flowers in little cracks in paving stones because... it shows that we really can survive on very little.

by Lucy Würstlin

I love Supertram because... of the super way it doesn't stop near me.

by Vicky Morris

I love Supertram(p) because... someone's got to.

by Anna Robinson

I love Supertram because... it bankrupted Sheffield City Council [allegedly].

Philip Howarth

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