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front cover of The Manager

Audio recordings from The Manager and other poems and collaborations by Robin Vaughan-Williams

Name Title File Size Duration
the manager
Robin Vaughan-Williams 'Manager #0, Risk Assessment Exercise' * 2.74MB 2:55
'Manager #10, Fired!' * 1.01MB 1:06
'Manager #12, He Runs' * 2.23MB 2:22
Time Is Running Out!
Robin Vaughan-Williams + the Ella Luk Project 'Time Is Running Out! (restart your system now)', extract from part 1 3.55MB 3:47

* Recorded live at Word of Mouth, 18 February 2011, in Antenna, Nottingham.

Spoken Word Antics on Sheffield Live

All tracks in this section were recorded for the Spoken Word Antics radio show on Sheffield Live, presented by Robin Vaughan-Williams. All works are copyright of the authors.

Name Title File Size Duration
monday 12 December 2007, 6-7pm
Sarah Murphy 'The Night the thirty-ought-six', from die tinkerbell die (Spout Publications, 2002) 4.55MB 6:28
thursday 26 July 2007, 9-10pm
Eleanor Rees Night Vision 1.10MB 1:34
Roadworks 1.16MB 1:39
Night River 793KB 1:07
Andraste's Hair 2.98MB 4:13
Tom Stafford 1968 4.65MB 6:37
Tina McKevitt On Raglan Road, by Patrick Kavanagh 2.67MB 3:47
thursday 14 June 2007, 9-10pm
Matt Black 'Swan', 'Careless', 'Watching Trinny and Suzanna' 1.68MB 2:27
Anna Robinson 'Lenten Moon', 'Lower Marsh Speaks', 'Go Scratch Yourself', 'Talking to Annie', From Paul's Warf Stairs', 'Egg Moon' 3.78MB 5:30
Interview with Anna Robinson 10.78MB 11:29
thursday 3 May 2007, 9-10pm
Jim Caruth 'A Breath', 'Moths', 'The Coming of Rain' 1.86MB 2:43
'H' 770KB 1:05
'Shortcuts' 555KB 0:47
'Finukane Appears as Christ at the Adoration', 'Finukane Returns as the Ghost of Hamlet's Father', 'Finukane as Michaelangelo Contemplates the Pieta' 1.56MB 2:16
Philip Howarth Nice Weather 1.39MB 2:02
Paraphrase on a Theme of Rail Network South Central 2.22MB 3:14
thursday 5 April 2007, 9-10pm
Margot Douaihy Poems 4MB 5:45
Interview 7.67MB 10:54
Matt Clegg (words), Simon Heywood (guitar) Trig Points 5.48MB 7:59
Jeff Cottrill Review of this Piece 2.45MB 3:29
Interview 5.26MB 7:28
thursday 8 march 2007, 9-10pm
Nell Farrell Swans Mating on the Radio; Splash; George Best at Fifty 3.04MB 4:26
Nettles 1.33MB 1:56
Mena: Afterwards 1.96MB 2:47
Doreen Bottomley Venus Fly Trap; The Fly; The Trout; He Used to Call at the Pub each Friday 2.27MB 3:13
Corinne Salisbury Lunar Eclipse: 3 March 2007; Indicating; Pulse 4.08MB 5:48
Nell Farrell, Corinne Salisbury, Doreen Bottomley, Robin Vaughan-Williams Discussion on International Womens Day and the term 'womanist'. This item is currently unavailable. Please contact us if you would like to hear it. 3.78MB 5:22
thursday 13 february 2007, 9-10pm
Vasko Popa, trans. Charles Simic, read by Dusan and Sanja Radunovic Give Me Back My Rags 4.93MB 7:11
Dusan and Sanja Radunovic, Robin Vaughan-Williams Discussion on Vasko Popa 7MB 10:12
Tom Stafford 1983 (a vignette) 5.92MB 8:37
Interview about '1983'. This item is currently unavailable. Please contact us if you would like to hear it. 1.88MB 2:44
wednesday 18 october 2006, 10-11pm
Steve Scott On the Wonk 9.18MB 13:03
wednesday 27 september 2006, 10-11pm
Michael Greavy Sheep 740KB 1:34
Seed 919KB 1:57
Strawberry Jam 585KB 1:14
James Lock Clumsy Humans 3.13KB 0:40
Pause for the Priest 360KB 0:46
Phenzwaan Interview with Phenzwaan (recorded 12 September 2006). This item is currently unavailable. Please contact us if you would like to hear it. 5.55MB 15:47

Spoken Word Antics 3rd birthday, 10 January 2006

Recordings made by Andrea Milde, edited by Robin Vaughan-Williams.

Creative Commons License

All works are copyright of the authors and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial- NoDerivs 2.5 License.

Name Title File Size Duration
Matt Black Crookesmoor Cannibals 1.16MB 2:27
The Garden 1.44MB 3:03
Baa-aaa! 1.17MB 2:34
Roy Blackman Ginger Cornet Player in a Yorkshire Sally Band 2.73MB 5:48
Ode to a Skylark 2.17MB 4:45
Watching the Soaps 1.65MB 3:30
Doreen Bottomley 5 poems: 6ft Tall and 2ft Wide; That Old Woman; Trout; Squirrel; The Fly 2.73MB 5:58
Philip Howarth Here's Turning into Bruce Forsythe 535KB 1:08
The Producer 1.74MB 3:43
World's Bloke 1.31MB 2:47
Terry Marshall Knitting 932KB 1:59
Taking in 490KB 1:02
Reminiscence 370KB 0:47
Graham Roos 'Death stretches out his fingertips...' 1.83MB 3:54
Hammersmith Bridge 862KB 1:50
Corinne Salisbury Call 494KB 1:03
Deadline 452KB 0:57
One Year On 697KB 1:29
Plurality 554KB 1:10
A Walk in the Dead Days 641KB 1:22
Tom Stafford 'B. Wordsworth', from Miguel Street by VS Naipul (1959) 2.27MB 4:51
Robin Vaughan-Williams My Orange Sister 1.81MB 3:51
Nymphs in the System 1.04MB 2:13
Jonathan Woolley from The Clutches of Harrier Jasmin: Mr Gristle's dark secret and the zoo episode, part 1 3.01MB 6:25
from The Clutches of Harrier Jasmin: the zoo episode continued, part 2 (hyenas) 2.91MB 6:12

ReVerberate: Live Literature Comp 001 (CD)

Edited by Zoe Lambert and Dave Maass

ReVerberate is a collection of recordings made at the Manchester live lit. night Verberate. It includes material from two poets familiar at Spoken Word Antics, Robin Vaughan-Williams and Corinne Salisbury, as well as performances from a number of writers based in Manchester and Liverpool.

The CD costs £3, and can either be picked up at Spoken Word Antics, or ordered by post (+p&p). Email for details.

front cover of ReVerberate CD


Elly Rees 1. Night River (1:33) / 2. Extract from 'A Nocturnal Opera' (3:52)
Chanje Kunda 3. Empty Rooms (2:30) / 4.Fat Sparkin(2:18)
Gary Parkinson 5. Extract from Land Of Cakes, a novel (5:12)
Kate Gilbert 6. My Sweetheart (5:33)
Robin Vaughan-Williams 7. Mantra (1:25) / 8. Photobooth (0:57) / 9. Health and Safety Incident (1:34) / 10. Untitled (1:28)
Corinne Salisbury 11 .Twenty-One (1:19) / 12. January After the Break (1:51)
Tony Curry 13. I'm Sick Of It (1:02) / 14. The Return of the Noble Savage (3:20) / 15.The Gorilla Was on Ecstacy (2:33)
Zawe Ashton 16. Kaleidoscope (2:24) / 17. Dreams Are For Those Who Sleep (2:23) / 18. It's Now (1:34)
John Hall 19. And Still I Cannot Wake From Their War (4:21) / 20.The ETC Poem (2:14)
Bonus Track: 21. Julian Daniel, Prince of Comedic Poetry (11:59)

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