Spoken Word Antics

3 years old!

Recordings of this night can be downloaded from the Antics Sound Archive.

Somewhere back in the winter of 2002/2003 a group of people came in from the cold to tell each other stories, poems, the seductive writing they found on household items, and any other words they wanted to share. Pirate Writers Unplugged, as it was known at first, was soon renamed Spoken Word Antics, and has kept going ever since.

Spoken Word Antics is celebrating its short but respectable lifespan with a line up of performers selected by popular demand. Requests have included Doreen Bottomley's 'old woman poem', something by Philip Howarth about 'sky and masculinity', Terry Marshall on 'a proper revolution with a creche', Matt Black on sheep, Jonathan Woolley's account of Harrier Jasmin's zoo escapade, and 'anything Roy Blackman'. We have done our best to please. Expect also the wonderful Corinne Salisbury, Sue Wallace, and Graham Roos, Tom Stafford reading 'black Wordsworth', and Robin Vaughan-Williams's 'orange sister'. Do not miss it!

N.B. Please note, the 3rd birthday special is not an open mic!